Greseli raspandite: said si told

Continuam seria cu greseli des intalnite in limba engleza, de data asta discutam despre folosirea cuvintelor “said” si “told”. urmariti exemplul de mai jos:


Nu uitati, you “say something” si you “tell someone something” !

Tell” inseamna a oferi o  informatie unei persoane- asadar “tell” (la prezent) si “told” (la trecut) sunt urmate de o persoana: me, you, him, her, us, Alice, Michael, the retailer, my boss, etc.

Cu “say” (la prezent) si “said” (la trecut) putem folosi urmatoarele structuri :

1. say (something)

John says that he hates mustard. (John zice ca uraste mustarul)

He said that my blouse is ugly. (El a spus ca bluza mea e urata)

2. say that (something)

I said that he wears bad cologne. (Am spus ca se da cu un parfum naspa)

He said that the new location is nice. (El a spus ca noua locatie e frumoasa)

3. say (something) to (a person)

He wanted to say to you that he is sorry that he couldn’t  be here. (A vrut sa-ti spuna ca ii pare rau ca nu a putut fi aici)

What did Jane say to you down the coridor? (Ce ti-a spus Jane la capatul holului?)

4. “(something)” a person said

Hello my friends, Joe said.

How do you do, Jane said.

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