10 fraze cu verbe pentru dialoguri

Mai jos va oferim cateva expresii verbale pe care le puteti folosi in discutiile cu vorbitorii de limba engleza.

** pull off / pull through **

pull off – a scoate la capat, a reusi

pull through – a trece, a depasi o perioada dificila

I pulled off and painted the whole building, it looks awesome.

He helped me to pull through a hard time, I was very upset because of her.

** run into / run out of **

run into- a da peste cineva (intamplator a te intalni cu cineva)

You remember Tom, I ran into him at the Casino, he was playing there. (Il stii pe Tom, am dat de el la Cazino, juca acolo)

run out of- a ramane fara ceva

I run out of sugar, I should ask some from a neighbor. (Am ramas fara zahar, ar trebui sa cer de la un vecin)

**  take up/ keep up **

take up- a incepe sa faci/inveti ceva

I’ve taken up swimming, I really want to learn how to swim. (Am inceput sa fac inot, chiar vreau sa invat sa inot)

keep up- a continua sa faci ceva, a tine pasul

Keep up on repeating that song, soon you will play at the Opera. ()

Can you keep up with me? Of course, why do you say that? Well, you know I am an athlete, right, let’s see if you can run as fast as me. (Poti tine pasul cu mine? Desigur, de ce spui asta? Pai, stii ca sunt un atlet, nu, sa vedem daca alergi la fel de repede ca mine)

**  put away/ throw away **

put away- a pune ceva la locul sau, a ascunde ceva

Put the sweets away, Joana’s kids are coming by and they might want to eat them all. (Pune deoparte dulciurile, copiii Ioanei vin si s-ar putea sa vrea sa le manance pe toate)

throw away- folosit si ca “throw out” inseamna sa arunci ceva la gunoi

Throw away the cheese, it is for sure not good. (arunca branza, sigur nu e buna)

** get along (with) / get over **

get along (with)- a te intelege, a avea o relatie buna cu cineva

I get along with Sarah really well, she is very nice, I hope she will be my friend. (ma inteleg foarte bine cu Sarah, e foarte de treaba, sper ca va fi prietena mea)

get over – a trece peste ceva (emotional de obicei)

Get over John already, he was a jerk, why do you have to suffer because of him ? (uita-l pe John deja, a fost un nesimtit, de ce trebuie sa suferi din cauza lui ?)

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